Green Building Practices

According to Environment Canada, buildings account for approximately 12% of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions. By building with more sustainable “green” building practices in mind we can reduce the environmental impact of construction as well as the building’s long term operating emissions. This helps to create buildings which are better for the planet and which are healthier for the people using them as well.

All new construction in the Abbotsford School District complies with the LEED Gold building standard. LEED which stands for leadership in energy and environmental design is an internationally recognized rating system administered by the Canadian Green Building Council and LEED Gold is the second highest rating that can be achieved. Abbotsford Senior Secondary School which opened in 2013 was the first school in the district to officially achieve its LEED Gold rating. To see some of the key elements that make this a green building you can refer to the Abbotsford Senior Secondary School Green Tour Brochure.

GreenTour Brochure