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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Renting Facilities from the Abbotsford School District (No. 34)

WAIVER:  There is no warranty expressed or implied on the part of the Abbotsford School District (No. 34) ( hereinfafter referred to as the District) as to the suitability or condition of the premises and the Licensee accepts the said premises at his/her own risk and the Licensee covenants to indemnify and save harmless the District from all loss, costs, and damages which  may arise as a consequence either directly or indirectly of the granting of the rental agreement.  The Licensee agrees to indemnify the District for any loss or damage to the District’s property or any adjoining property due to the occupancy of the District’s premises to any rental agreement relates.

CANCELLATION BY THE DISTRICT:  The Licensee understands and agrees that the District may cancel, revise or revoke either specific usage or the entire rental agreement at any time with or without cause and that there will be no claim or right to damages or reimbursement on account of any losses, damages or expenses whatsoever arising from the cancellation.

PRE-EMPTION OF USAGE:  The licensee acknowledges that its use of facilities may be pre-empted at any time when required for school or for District functions.  In such cases, the District will endeavor to provide the Licensee with appropriate notice.  Substitute spaces will not normally be made available.

INSURANCE:  The licensee shall maintain, at its own expense, liability insurance to protect the Licensee, its staff, invitees, participants and all persons associated with the rental as follows:

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance on an occurrence basis with respect to the Licensee’s activities at the school. 
The limit of the insurance shall be at least $2,000,000 inclusive per occurrence. 
This insurance shall name the Board of Education of the Abbotsford School District and its employees as additional insured with respect to liability or damage arising out of the use or occupancy of any Board property by the Licensee.  It shall include a cross liability clause and tenant’s legal liability insurance. 
The Licensee’s policies of insurance shall require that the District receive 30 days’ notice of material change or cancellation. 
The policies shall be placed with insurers licensed in British Columbia. 
The Licensee shall provide the School District with evidence of such coverage in the form of an insurance certificate.

ABUSE OF PRIVILEGES:  The District reserves the right to cancel rental privileges and the privilege to enter into future rental agreements where there has been abuse or negligence in complying with the Terms & Conditions outlined herein.  The Licensee will not have preferential or historical rights to any facilities that are available or become available should the District cancel or revoke the rental agreement due to abuse of privileges.

COSTS:  The licensee will be responsible for all fees and costs incurred as a result of the rental including:
Rental and Administration Fees
Damages to facilities and/or equipment
Costs for staffing the building when the regular custodian is not on duty
Clean-up or repair costs

RESPONSIBILITY:  The Licensee will be responsible for the admission, actions and behaviour of all persons associated with the rental while using the building, and will take all and any action that is required for the preservation of the District’s property, will maintain the areas used in a sanitary, tidy and safe condition and will leave the area in good repair, in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of the rental, the standards set by the District, and with all local regulations, laws, by-laws and licensing requirements.

The licensee must be 19 years of age and shall:

Be in attendance at all meetings of the group.
Make him/herself known to the custodian on duty in the building.
Adhere to the start and finish times of the rental ensuring that all participants have exited the premised on or before the specified end time.
Limit the participants to the assigned area of the building
Provide adequate supervision and security
Limit activities to those in the agreement
Ensure all activities are of an organized nature
Supervise the entrance and adjacent area to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the building. 
Ensure that no food or drink is allowed in the classrooms or gymnasiums.

GYM SHOES: All participants must bring a pair of clean, non-marking runners to wear in school gyms.  Street shoes are not permitted.

SCHOOL EQUIPMENT:  Use of school equipment is not included in the rental.  In general groups should bring all equipment needed.  The permission for use of equipment is at the sole discretion of the school principal.  The licensee must present written permission to the school custodian or substitute custodian in order to have the equipment released.

SET UP/TAKE DOWN:  Facilities are rented on an as is basis.  It is the responsibility of the licensee to set up the room and to return it to its previous condition.  Your rental times should make allowances for this.

BLEACHERS: Groups will be charged for the set up and take down of bleachers needed for the rental.

DECORATIONS: Displays, floral arrangements, musical equipment, etc. must be free standing so as not to damage or deface the premises.  No nails, tape, glue or other type of adhesive may be used to affix items to the structure of the building.  Items should not rest against or touch woodwork, walls or glass.  Decorations must be flame retardant.
The use of candles or any other type of open flame is prohibited.
Dry ice or any other type of smoke generating devices are prohibited.
All decorations and other large trash items must be removed from the space.

LARGE EVENTS:  Large events may require a special events permit, set up and clean up committees, security personnel, and extra custodial charges to ensure the building is ready for classes.  These needs will be determined by the District.  The licensee will be soley responsible for the cost associated with these requirements.

SMOKING: Smoking is not permitted on District property.

ALCOHOL & OTHER SUBSTANCES: The consumption of alcohol or illegal substances is not permitted on District property.  Persons under the influence are not permitted on District property.

NON TRANSFERABLE:  Rental Agreements and rented space may not be transferred, sublet or lent out to other groups or individuals.

ACTIVE USE:  Reserving space that is not actively being used is not permitted.

CANCELLATION BY THE LICENSEE:  Please notify our office in writing if you are no longer using the space so we can make it available to other groups.

SCHOOL BREAKS: Bookings are automatically cancelled on Statutory Holidays, Halloween, Pro D Days and School Breaks.

WINTER WEATHER: Snow removal crews are not dispatched on weekends or after hours.   Snow accumulations and icy surfaces may be present.  The Licensee accepts the premises at his/her own risk.