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In general, groups should provide their own equipment for the booking.  

All equipment brought in and used by the group must meet School District standards. 

  • Soccer groups must use clean, partially deflated or indoor soccer balls.
  • Baseball groups must use hollow whiffle balls and no batting is permitted inside gyms.
  • Floor Hockey is not permitted.

Permission for use of any school equipment is at the sole discretion of the school principal and must be coordinated during the request/approval process.  Any authorized school equipment must be returned in proper order and it is the responsibility of the Lessee to cover repair or replacement costs.

The use of audio/visual and lighting equipment is not permitted.

Many schools do not have tables and chairs for large groups.  For larger meetings we will try to book you in a room/school that does have these items available.  Meetings are not scheduled into gymnasiums because of potential damage that can occur to expensive athletic floors.