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Blog: Thursday, May 30th, 2019

Spring Has Sprung!

The year started off with an incredible January that had us all fooled. Even the flowers and grass were thinking it was time to shed their winter wear and come out too play! Then February happened, we haven’t seen a cold snap with snow remaining on the ground for that extended of a period for many years now. Brrr!!

But, fast forward to May and the weather has been incredible, trees are budding, flowers are blooming, the grass is growing, and crews are working feverishly to keep up. We are well underway with our yearly spring field maintenance, fertilizing, aerating and over seeding of our sports fields.

To help us in our quest for healthy, lush and safe playfields we purchased a new over seeder this spring. The new redesigned Redexim over seeder boasts under 3” spacing between discs and the discs are all individually free floating, which helps to ensure maximum surface contact at all times. One of the unique benefits of this new equipment is that each disc slices through the turf and into the soil. This allows the seed to be firmly planted in the soil which provides unmatched seed germination.

In a world where some of our shelf ready solutions like Herbicide use are becoming a thing of the past, mainly because of environmental and potential health concerns, we are constantly striving to find unique solutions to deal with our sports turf issues. There have been some interesting advancements made in steam applications and the use of industrial strength vinegar instead of the typical foliar application of an Herbicide. As these new methods do seem to have the immediate desired effect of eradicating the weeds their longevity is somewhat lacking. So, it has become a much more labour intensive task to maintain our green spaces.

As someone much wiser than me once said, “Grass grows by the inch and is killed by the foot”

Manager, Structural & Grounds